"GOODBYE 2016 ,WELCOME 2017"

The 365 page book titled "Opportunity" was enthusiastically opened by the students of class 11-G on 2nd January, 2017, On a divine note with the Islamic prayer and its translation, followed by the school prayer. The entire ICSK(Senior) fraternity bid an emotional farewell to 2016 and heartily applauded and welcomed 2017 as the New Year balloons were released by Dr. V. Binumon, Principal, ICSK(Senior) and Dr. Sam. T. Kuruvilla, Vice Principal, ICSK (Senior).A power packed speech, stressing on faith, positivity and optimism in 2017, lifted the spirits and energy levels of the audience. A New Year Pledge was delivered by the Vice Principal, where students resolved to transform themselves into academically and socially responsible beings. A western musical extravaganza followed by a fast, rhythmic dance enthralled the audience of teachers and students. As a token of their deep love, appreciation, thankfulness and gratitude, the students of 11-G, accompanied by their class teacher and co-class teacher, gifted the Principal and Vice Principal with New Year greetings, floral bouquets and mementos. The much appreciated New Year assembly concluded on an inspiring and motivating note by the Principal, reminding students to grab hold of all the golden opportunities that came their way in 2017.