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Registration for admission starts in the month of December every year for the ensuing academic year commencing from April.

The age requirements for admission for the academic year 2013-2014 are as follows :

LKG   - Students born not later than – 15th March 2010
UKG (PREP) - Students born not later than – 15th March 2009
CLASS I - Students born not later than – 15th March 2008

(Students seeking admission to other classes(II-XII) must produce a valid transfer Certificate from the previous school duly attested and countersigned by the respective District Education Officer of the State/Competent authority).

The following documents also must be submitted at the time of admission:

(i)      Two passport size photographs of the student.
(ii)     Photocopies of the passport of the student, father and mother with valid residence page.
(iii)    Copies of Civil-id of student, father and mother.
(iv)    Copy of the Birth Certificate of the student(whether born in India or Kuwait).

The originals of the above documents also must be produced at the time of admission which will be returned after verification.

An admission file duly filled in and supported by relevant documents must also be submitted at the time of admission. The admission file and the prospectus can be obtained from the offices of branch schools on payment of KD. 5/-. Taking an admission file from the school does not guarantee admission. A special notice with all relevant information on registration/ admission will be issued to the parents usually in the month of December.

Admission to Class XI and allotment of various groups of subjects are done on the basis of Board Examination/ CCE grades of Class X. All students intending to join Class XI must seek fresh admission.

The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education and is recognized by the Ministry of Education, State of Kuwait. The medium of instruction is English and the second language for all classes up to VIII is Hindi. Arabic is the third language up to class VIII. Students can opt for French or Hindi in class IX and X. In classes XI and XII three streams are offered - Commerce, Science and Humanities. The Syllabus for classes VI to XII is according to the guidelines laid down by the NCERT, with classes IX to XII following NCERT books. Physical Education, Art, Music and Work Experience are an essential part of the curriculum.

In junior school, the curriculum is based on the fundamentals - Mathematics, Science and Languages - the basics of all learning. Evaluations appropriate to the level of learner are held for LKG and PREP. However there is an assessment system based on weekly class assignments and projects.

We have adopted the new Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation programme of the CBSE. It has brought out a major and a welcome change in the assessment of classes VI to X. Rote learning and memorization has been replaced by emphasis on thinking skills and the continuous growth of students. CCE focuses on the holistic assessment of a learner which includes both scholastic and co-scholastic areas of learner growth with particular reference to attributes such as life skills, attitudes and values, sports and games as well as co-curricular activities. It means interactive teaching, regularity of assessment, frequency of unit testing, diagnosis of learning gaps, use of corrective measures, retesting and feedback of evidence to teachers and students for their self evaluation.

 English  English  English
 Hindi  Hindi  Hindi
 Mathematics  Mathematics  Mathematics
   Arabic  Arabic

 English  English
 Hindi  Hindi/French
 Mathematics  Mathematics
 Science & Technology  Science & Technology
 Social Science  Social Science
 Art  Art
 Music  Music
 Computer Science/ WE  Computer Science/ WE

1 2 3 4 5
 Science  English  Physics  Chemistry  Mathematics  Computer Science
 Science  English  Physics  Chemistry  Mathematics  Biology
 Science  English  Physics  Chemistry  Mathematics  Physical Education
 Science  English  Physics  Chemistry  Biology  Informatics Practices
 Science  English  Physics  Chemistry  Biology  Home Science
 Science  English  Physics  Chemistry  Mathematics  Home Science
 Science  English  Physics  Chemistry  Informatics Practices  Physical Education
 Commerce  English  Accountancy  Business Studies  Economics  Mathematics
 Commerce  English  Accountancy  Business Studies  Economics  Informatics Practices
 Commerce  English  Accountancy  Business Studies  Informatics Practices  Economics
 Commerce  English  Accountancy  Business Studies  Informatics Practices  Physical Education
 Commerce  English  Accountancy  Business Studies  Physical Education  Home Science
 Commerce  English  Accountancy  Business Studies  Informatics Practices  Home Science
 Humanities  English  History  Political Science  Economics  Informatics Practices
 Humanities  English  History  Political Science  Economics  Physical Education
 Humanities  English  History  Political Science  Home Science  Informatics Practices
 Humanities  English  History  Political Science  Home Science  Physical Education
          Tuition fee structure for the academic year 2013 - 2014.

Stage Per Year 1st Installment 2nd Installment 3rd Installment
 KG/PREP  KD. 266.000  KD. 89.000  KD. 89.000  KD. 88.000
 I - IV  KD. 303.000  KD. 101.000  KD. 101.000  KD. 101.000
 V - VIII  KD. 335.000  KD. 112.000  KD. 112.000  KD. 111.000
 IX - XII  KD. 365.000  KD. 122.000  KD. 122.000  KD. 121.000

i) Admission Fee : K.D. 10.000
ii) Caution Deposit : K.D. 20.000
 (Refundable when taking T. C. from the school on producing the   original Adm. Fee receipt.)
iii) School Diary : K.D. 1.000
iv) Student ID-Card : New admission K.D. 5.000 & regular students KD. 1.000
  (Amount for School Diary and Student ID-Card should be paid along   with the first term fees)


The following discount will be applicable, if full year fee is paid together on or before 15th April.
Stage Annual Tuition Fee Discount Net Payable
 KG / PREP  KD 266.000  KD 13.000  KD 253.000
 I - IV  KD 303.000  KD 15.000  KD 288.000
 V - VIII  KD 335.000  KD 17.000  KD 318.000
 IX - XII  KD 365.000  KD 18.000  KD 347.000

Additional tuition fee - Second Term Onwards.

In case of students seeking admission from Septemper to December, one month additional fee will be charged as follows:.
Stage Additional Tuition Fee
KG / PREP KD. 30.000
I - IV KD. 34.000
V - VIII KD. 37.000
IX - XII KD. 41.000


Transport Fee (Salmiya)
Zone Annual Trans. Fee 1st Installment 2nd Installment 3rd Installment
 Inner Circle (Zone 1)  KD. 80.000  KD. 24.000  KD. 32.000  KD. 24.000
 Inner Circle (Zone 2)  KD. 100.000  KD. 30.000  KD. 40.000  KD. 30.000
 Outer Circle (Zone 3)  KD. 110.000  KD. 33.000  KD. 44.000  KD. 33.000
 Long Circle (Zone 4) Fintas, Abu Halifa, Mangaf, Fahaheel & Ahmadi to salmiya
 Long Circle (Zone 4)  KD. 150.000  KD. 45.000  KD. 60.000  KD. 45.000

Transport Fee (Khaitan)
Zone Annual Trans. Fee 1st Installment 2nd Installment 3rd Installment
 Inner Circle (Zone 1)  KD. 80.000  KD. 24.000  KD. 32.000  KD. 24.000
 Outer Circle (Zone 3)  KD. 100.000  KD. 30.000  KD. 40.000  KD. 30.000
 Long Circle (Zone 4) Fintas, Abu Halifa, Mangaf, Fahaheel & Ahmadi to salmiya
 Long Circle (Zone 4)  KD. 120.000  KD. 36.000  KD. 48.000  KD. 36.000


1. Off White Shirt - Full sleeve with School Logo 1. Full Sleeved White Shirt with Blue Stripes
2. Beige coloured Trousers for Boys & Beige coloured Pinafore for Girls 2. Navy Blue Trousers
3. School Belt, Beige colour socks with Maroon tipping and Maroon Tie with School Logo 3. School Belt, Navy Blue coloured socks with White tipping and Navy Blue Tie with School Logo
4. Maroon Pull Over (for winter) with School Logo 4. Navy Blue Blazer with School Logo
5. Black Shoes 5. Black Shoes

The Indian Community School, Khaitan Branch is located in Khaitan area. Admission is given to both boys and girls for classes KG, Prep and standards I-X. The school has a huge campus with outdoor play area for the small children. Khaitan Branch was started in September 1996 to accommodate the students of the afternoon shift of the ICSK, Senior Branch.

The highly experienced and qualified staff dedicatedly works towards academic and all-round development of the students. The numerous inter-school and intra-school co-curricular activities provide a platform to students to display their talents. Academics, sports and cultural activities are given equal importance to bring out a well-balanced individual. Students are encouraged to inculcate an awareness of how to apply knowledge, skills and concepts in reaching the full educational potential.

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